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Sprint Goals

Sprinters, please edit this page to add any goals you'd like to achieve during the Sprint.

  • Update (or create a new) UCDPloneSkin product that is compatible with Plone 3
  • Maintain the functionality available in Charles McLaughlin's original UCDPloneSkin product

Some thoughts:
  • Provide an option for using the standard Plone navigation
  • Integrate CAS?
    • ability to have BOTH CAS and standard Plone logins coexist
    • collective.castle doesn't provide "authenticated" role as Plone 2.5 CAS4PAS did
  • More flexible configuration of multi-level tabs
    • flexible colors
    • flexible order
  • more configurable, contextual quicklinks
  • Integrate PloneCaptcha?
  • Option not to show contact info
  • Integrate PloneMetaNav? (or at least don't break)
  • Integrate CSSManager? (or at least don't break)
  • Integrate WebLion FacultyStaffDirectory? (or at least don't break)

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