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Preparing for the Sprint

Some notes from Steve McMahon on how to prepare for the Spring.

Hi Sprinters!

Here are a few miscellaneous ideas for preparing for the sprint:

1) Think about what you want to do and/or learn to do. Sprints work best for those who show up with a goal. For this particular sprint, good goals might include learning concrete svn, css, theme skeleton or Plone 3 techniques.

2) Refresh your memory. If your svn or css skills are rusty or if you haven't looked at the UCD skin lately, try to grab some time before the sprint to pull those skills back into volatile memory :)

3) Prep your laptop. We'll be working in teams, so not every person will need to have a laptop ready to go. But, if you can, spend some time getting a good Plone 3 install and your favorite toolset (code editor, svn client, image editor, icon editor) on your laptop. If you can, install a buildout-based version of Plone 3. You don't have to know buildout to do this; there are now buildout-based P3 installers for all major platforms on

4) If you want a headstart, review the "best practices" developed by the Plone out-of-the-box theme team:

5) If you're not up to speed on anything, don't sweat it. We're all going to be learning, and it's likely to be a lot of fun. I assure you that everyone will feel like they're contributing.

See you Thursday, Steve



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